• 03-6411-2040
  • GOCODE: Kids Coding Academy in Mont Kiara Kuala Lumpur by Computer Science Ph.D from Japan

HTML/CSS for Beginner

Learn the fundamentals of technologies used to build modern websites


HTML(Hypertext-Markup-Language) allows user to create a website which can be viewed through a browser. Follow up by using CSS(Cascading-Stylesheet) to style up and design the perfect website. To achieve all of these, all you need is a TextEditor and you are good to go.

We teach children the basics of HTML and CSS in a fun and interesting way by replicating various real world Websites like Facebook and Twitter. Allow your children to express their creativity as they could be the next Mark Zuckerbergh.

What will I learn?
  • Utilize HTML tags to create amazing websites
  • Style websites using CSS
  • Understand layout of websites
  • Build responsive and mobile friendly website using Bootstrap
  • Inspect the frontend of other websites